parboiled rice

Pickle and Sampol are much loved spicy/sour side dish or taste boosters in India and Sri Lanka.

Pickle is a traditional vegetable or fruit preserve taken in small amount/pieces and served with main meal.

Unit Information
Number of Units
NSR— P-1 CWfha; / Lime Pickle (without Oil) 400 g 12
NSR— P-2 mr;rhW / Mix Veg Pickle 400 g 12
NSR— P-3 rPdpr; rk;gy; / Seeni Sampol 400 g 12
NSR— P-4 fl;l rk;gy; / Katta Sampol 400 g 12
NSR— P-5 ntq;fha khrpg; nghhpay; / Onion Maldive Fish Fry 400 g 12
NSR— P-6 Njhirg; nghb / Dosai Podi 150 g 12
NSR— P-7 ,l;bypg; nghb / Idly Podi 150 g 12