parboiled rice

The well known sugar preserved fruit Pulp/ Jelly, usually spread and eaten with bread slices.

We distribute Sri Lanka’s well known and much loved MD brand Jam varieties.

Unit Information
Number of Units
NSR— J-11 MD md;dhrp [hk; / MD-Jam Pineapple 485 g 12
NSR— J-12 MD gof;fyit [hk; / MD-Jam Mixed Furit 485 g 12
NSR— J-13 MD-Jam Strawberry 485 g 12
NSR— J-14 MD tpshk;go [hk; / MD-Jam Woodapple 485 g 12
NSR— J-15 MD khk;go [hk; /MD-Jam Mango 485 g 12
NSR— J-16 MD Nfhbay; g\d; / MD Cordial Passion 750 ml 12
NSR— J-17 MD Nfhbay; gof;fyit / MD Mixed Fruit 750 ml 12
NSR— J-18 MD Nfhbay; khk;gok; / MD Mango  750 ml 12