parboiled rice

Grains are staple and healthy food, considered a source of protein. It is milled and ground into flour, which is then made into a number of breakfast and dinner food. Grains can also be eaten boiled in mildly salted water.

Code Description Unit Information Number of Units
NSR— G-1 nghl;Lf; fliy / Roasted Gram ( Pottukadalai) 400 g 28
NSR— G-2 gl;lhzpf; fliy / Roasted (Pattani Kadalai) Gram 400 g 28
NSR— G-3 gaW / Roasted Moong Dhal 450 g 30
NSR— G-4 nfhs;S / Kollu  500 g 16
NSR— G-5 nghl;Lf; fliy / Roasted Gram ( Pottukadalai) 1Kg 10
NSR— G-6 kQ;ry; fliy / Roasted Gram ( Yellow)  400g 30